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Your opinion is important to us.  Please feel free to submit comments about any story appearing in our newspaper or anything happening in our community.  We reserve the right to delete any comment from the forum, and will block members from commenting if necessary. No slanderous, libelous or malicious entries will be tolerated.


Visitor Comments

Submitted By: Janet WalkerSubmitted: 4/6/2011
I enjoyed seeing the real pages on line. Or at least what I believe to be real pages. IF these are, it gives credibility to the read from the internet. I can trust nothing that is not in print because I have been burned in the past. I look forward to getting news online that is held to the same standards as print. Good job Jobe Publishing. I am impressed.

Submitted By: Marilyn GidcumbSubmitted: 4/10/2011
This is so exciting! I can read the news on-line. You have no idea what this means to me as a Reading Teacher. I have been typing out some of the articles to give my reading students an opportunity to learn about nature using the articles about the Garden as well as some of Francis Johnson's stories about her animals. There is such a broad focus on nature in the Butler county Banner. My 6-8th grade dyslexic students really need motivation to attempt to read. When they can attach the word with an animal, tree or flower it gives the reading more meaning and further activates their memory systems to the extent they learn the new words. Thank so much, Marilyn (Gidcumb) Konstanty Resource Reading Teacher Henderson County Middle School

Submitted By: Mary HouseSubmitted: 4/16/2011
Is there any way to get the videos to work without them starting and stopping all the time? I would love to have watched the video about the Air Vac Lifeflight but it was not possible. Thank you.

Submitted By: Cousin Don BakerSubmitted: 4/18/2011
MARY HOUSE WROTE: Is there any way to get the videos to work without them starting and stopping all the time? Mary i watched the same and it was fine. you may have some broadband problems on your pc. or your service provider servicer. COUSIN DON

Submitted By: Helen DuffSubmitted: 4/20/2011
I now use the online paper in my classroom. Lots of excitement to see the news go up. Good job to all. Im hoping I can still keep getting because I am a subscriber to the Barren County Progress.

Submitted By: WallaceSubmitted: 6/18/2011
I like having the newspapaer online and can read it whenever I want w/o having to search for it in the hard copies. You have a great search engine and categorized an array of choices. However; I understand this has not been online long around here, but I find it difficult to manuever on the pages (try programming them to turn at the bottom as a book might do)if you are trying to read an entire article and the next part is on another page (the page does not go to the top and you have to move the cursor up, it ought to begin each page at the top of the page). Please go online and check out some of the other online newspaperss (ex. across the country and you will see what I am talking about.

Submitted By: Tracy StephensSubmitted: 7/4/2011
I look forward to video reports coming to Barren County.

Submitted By: Chelsey JohnsonSubmitted: 7/5/2011
I was so happy to find my hometown newspaper online. I think it is nice to know the same paper my parents read at home is the same one I do at the University of Kentucky. Good job to the Banner staff for making it happen.

Submitted By: Jamie CochranSubmitted: 1/2/2012
The examples you give about the SCRTC is insulting to most of us who work hard, pay our bills and vote for men we believe are Christian men. Shame on Charles Knight for not letting Bobby Richardson tell what he is making. This is not right and I agree in time this will be exposed. Surely, Karen Davis or Judge Phil Patton will do something.

Submitted By: DianeSubmitted: 1/23/2012
I am so glad to see you have made the pages easier to maneuver . Thank you so very much.

Submitted By: Bo DriverSubmitted: 3/8/2012
Hey dude, Just want you to know I have subscribed to the newspaper now and love it. I am proud to know we have a newspaper in Barren County with some courage to take on the corruptive climate that has been here forever.

Submitted By: James ColdironSubmitted: 7/20/2012
Jeff Read your article on 911. So much truth to the inner working of local government. Amazing to know over $1M is being expensed annually from tax dollars for this service an know one is managing! I value your determination in reporting the truth. You care and my family appreciates you.

Submitted By: DonnaSubmitted: 10/2/2012
Was very upset to see Horse Cave voted to go moist, when most of the citizens of Horse Cave never even knew about this vote. Just when and how were we told? A vote was snuck in on us and we weren't told about it. I guess those few who did know and voted don't mind drunk drivers and the accidents they will cause, hope they plan on paying for the damage caused because of their vote. More drunkeness and the damages, public drunk, DUI, DWI, just what Horse Cave needs. Had more people been told more may have voted. I know we would have. But it was not announced nor were we told, or informed of this hidden vote. But I guess this is the only way it could be passed, hide it from the citizens. And don't tell me it was in the paper. Not everyone can afford to subscribe to the paper, so it was information given only to those with money, not the rest of us. We therefore were eliminated as voters.

Submitted By: Robert CronSubmitted: 6/6/2014
A letter to the Editor: Concerning article in the Banner Republican, Fire video raises more questions; I cannot imagine the Butler County Judge/Executive continuing to keep a person who demonstrates such anger and assaults a private citizen on as the Counties Emergency Management Coordinator. I always thought a person with that kind of responsibility would be more level headed, able to make rational decisions in times of stress, and be considerate of, and to, the general public who they serve. Reckless driving, speeding, assault, terroristic threatening, and not even on an unmarked vehicle, yet well know within the County as the head of Emergency Management, a position the Fiscal Court fills, and which the Judge/Executive directs. It doesn't say much for the Judge, who in the past has tried to make exceptions for Hunt in being covered by County Insurance, and his run in with the Sheriff over the illegal use of Blue Lights on the Emergency Management Vehicle. I also wonder about Hunt being a Deputy Jailer with these periods of uncontrolled violence, I am surprised that Jailer Fugate continues to keep Hunt employed, given the Lawsuits the Jail is currently involved in, and the fact that the person Hunt attacked is being held in the Butler Co. Jail, no telling what Hunt might do to him. Another sad day for Butler County, A Judge/Executive who turns a blind eye on misconduct, Hunt is the Emergency Management Coordinator 24-7, he is always on call, and is always accountable for his actions, just like the Sheriff. And then a Jailer who allows a Deputy to be in contact with an inmate he beat up and there no control or accountability by the Judge and the the victim to be subjected to untold horrors because of one uncontrollable employee....what say you, voters and people of Butler County, do the Judge and Jailer just get away with allowing a private citizen to be brutalized by one of their employees?

Submitted By: James D.Submitted: 5/11/2015
Possible Great News Story, if anyone will research /report/print it! Per a concerned employee of T. .J. Sampson, the hospital is in the process of, or may have completed, removing of all Bibles from all rooms! This needs researching and the public needs to know. Any hospital that would do such a thing needs a TOTAL Boycott to close the doors. Whether their Satanic minds believes it or not, God is still alive and all will answer to Him, soon!

Submitted By: Tina DaughertySubmitted: 8/12/2015
The Hart County News Herald,Jobe publishing,Inc.August 6th,2015,section B3.First Amendment/religious freedom rally scheduled. I would just like to say I buy your Newspaper first off.Here is the issue I have with you and your personal views,they are just that.I do not push my beliefs on you,I have not decided to stop getting my subscription to your newspaper because we do not agree on things.I also realize that this is just your way of helping others to come together to rally against equal rights for the LGBT community.I would also like to say that it is wrong,the employees(county clerks)are public servants to the taxpayers and I know they are taxpayers as well.My problem here is with any job you take outside of your home,that is once you are on the payroll/or you clock in you leave your religious beliefs outside of those doors.That is the way it is and always has been in every work place on God's green earth.No one says you do not have the right to speak,but you do not have the right to turn people away based on any thing.You still serve the drunkard,the drug addict,the thief,the liars,the ex-con,the adulterers and so on and for that you deserve praise,but refusing service to the LGBT community is dead wrong,ask yourself what would Jesus do.You are not showing unconditional love and that is at the end of the day what God is all about. Just think how things would be if I did not change a persons brief in a nursing home because they were an atheist,or I refused people for any reason in a public job. ~Concerned Citizen

Jobe Publishing Inc.

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